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NC Scratching

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NC Scratching

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NC Scratching is a fun and entertaining YouTube channel where we scratch NC lotto tickets almost daily and at times pick a subscriber at random to include in our winnings should we scratch a winner. All you have to do is subscribe and comment to have your chance of being picked!

Terms of Our Game

1. To be eligible to win you must reside in the United States and be a current subscriber to our YouTube channel NC Scratching and have submitted at least 1 comment. (Otherwise we won’t know who you are)

2. Winner participants will be chosen at random and profit sharing contest dates and times will be chosen by NC Scratching.

3. NC scratching will always choose which tickets and quantity of tickets will be scratched in any given session.

4. For profit sharing sessions NC Scractching will name the share contestant before scratching begins. Contestant shall be referred to by their YouTube username.

5. In the event of a claimer prize, NC Scratching will share a maximum of $500 of profit after taxes have been deducted at the time of NC Lottery Commission payout.

6. All profit sharing from winners shall be paid via PayPal or Zelle.

7. Winning contestant shall have 48 hours to claim prize. To ensure integrity additional verification of winning contestant may be required.

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